Infused Butter

Infused Butter

Cook Time 2 hours

This recipe will walk you through making a batch of Butter in 5 easy steps!


  • 14-28g Decarboxylated Botanicals, per cup of Butter used
  • 2-5 cups Unsalted Butter, softened (for best results use clarified butter or ghee)
  • 1 tablesppon Sunflower Lecithin per cup of Butter
  • Airmid Decarb (sold separately) and Thermometer


  1. Decarb your botanicals in your Airmid Decarb (sold separately) or you may decarb using aluminum thin foil and set high in an oven for 15-30mins.
  2. Place all of the ingredients into the Herbal Infuser machine and secure the lid.
  3. Set your temperature to 160°F and then press the 2 HOUR BUTTER button.
  4. After the cycle is complete, unplug the unit and remove the head of the appliance. 
  5. Grab a large bowl or measuring cup and secure your filter bag in it (Warning: Hot). Pour the contents slowly through a filter, squeezing gently to get all of your extraction.
  6. Pour directly into a tray (butter molds), or other storage container and set in the fridge.

Recipe Note

Do not use margarine. For best results do not pre-grind botanicals. Adjust botanical weight according to personal preference. 

You can use as little as 3-5grams of decarboxylated botanicals per set depending on the desired outcome. The less amount of botanicals, the less potent it is.

You may try an online calculator to see the desired amount of potency for your needs.